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TO OUTSIDERS, and even some insiders, the workings of an English court are a mystery. Bewigged and begowned lawyers sit in front of stern-faced judges, squabbling politely over the meaning of arcane words and phrases, swapping carefully-honed insults dressed up as compliments, and baffling witnesses, defendants and, hopefully, jurors in an attempt to secure the guilty or not guilty verdict that they seek.

NO HOLDS BARRED examines a jury trial, as seen through the eyes of the defence advocate.
It takes the reader through the criminal process, from the moment the advocate first meets the accused, to glorious acquittal, or sometimes, sadly, to conviction and sentence. It strips away the mystique surrounding the law, lifting the veil on all the pomp and ceremony, and exposes a lot of the humbug that bedevils a profession which many believe is still ossified in the nineteenth century.

It examines the roles of the various players in the unfolding drama and takes a critical look at the role of the Judge, the central figure in the drama, who has enormous power to control and influence the outcome of the trial. Whether or not that power is excessive, or is wielded in the interests of justice, is another matter. As to that, the jury are still out.


An absolute gem "A beautiful satirical examination of the criminal justice system as it works in practice. I'd cheerfully recommend this to anybody working in the legal profession, law students and those looking for a quick read that'll have you howling. I'd love to read more of Mr Bigg-Wigg's work."

Fantastically entertaining! "Essential reading for anyone interested in advocacy. The author writes with wit, humour and truth. Fantastically entertaining and had me giggling"

Wonderfully written and dry "Hilarious. Wonderfully written and dry."

Great book, definitely worth a read "Great book, definitely worth a read. It was so difficult to get hold of but found it on here."

Great book "Great book to read. Thoroughly enjoyed it. I think that this book is essential for every lawyer be it in magistrate court or in the crown court"

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Many of you have been called upon to speak in public at one time or another in your lives. At one end of the spectrum will be: "Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding and raise your glasses to the adorable couple." At the other end are those who see public speaking as a lucrative business, and the speakers most in demand command considerable fees for their services. This book is aimed at those of you who have something to say, and want to make a career out of public speaking, whether full or part time.


"I have no hesitation in recommending him as an amusing after dinner speaker and will certainly use him again."

"Over the best part of thirty years, I have attended many functions where David Osborne has been the guest speaker. These functions have ranged from formal dinners at the Inns of Court in front of many distinguished guests drawn from the legal profession and the High Court, to less formal occasions when a more light hearted speech was called for.
David is confident, articulate and manages to pitch his speeches at just the right level for maximum entertainment value.
He is one of the best speakers I've ever heard."

"David you're marvellous and I'd love to work together to bring your performance skills and humor to Corporate America! Thanks for the pleasure and opportunity."

"I recently chaired a corporate function where David Osborne was the guest speaker. What an interesting evening we had. David spoke with great conviction on the Art of Communication and the Power of Persuasion. He showed how it is perfectly possible to do both by his example. Speakers of his ability are not easy to find. I have no hesitation in recommending David Osborne as a speaker who will be much appreciated."

"David, a huge thank you for your tremendous contribution to our dinner on Friday. The quality shone through with every phrase and I am so grateful to you for joining us. It was great to have you there."

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