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David is an accomplished public speaker with considerable experience in this highly competitive field. He is greatly in demand as an after dinner speaker, where he recalls many humorous experiences of life at the Bar.

As a conference presenter and coordinator, David offers an unparalleled service. His humor and wit will bring any conference to light, and leave the delegates wanting more.

Testimonials - all originals and contact details are available on request

David Osborne was the guest speaker at my husbands fiftieth birthday party. He was witty and entertaining, but more importantly captured the mood of his audience. After his speech many guests were very complimentary about his presentation, address and incisive wit. He made an enormous contribution to the success of the party.

I have no hesitation in recommending him as an amusing after dinner speaker and will certainly use him again.

Pamela Downes Ockley, Surrey

Over the best part of thirty years, I have attended many functions where David Osborne has been the guest speaker. These functions have ranged from formal dinners at the Inns of Court in front of many distinguished guests drawn from the legal profession and the High Court, to less formal occasions when a more light hearted speech was called for.

David is confident, articulate and manages to pitch his speeches at just the right level for maximum entertainment value.

I was also present at the Brewhouse Theatre Taunton when David presented a legal revue entitled The Law is an Ass. Thanks entirely to him, it was a hugely enjoyable evening. He is one of the best speakers Ive ever heard.

Charles Pugh []

David you're marvellous and I'd love to work together to bring your performance skills and humor to Corporate America! Thanks for the pleasure and opportunity. All the best Tony

Tony Edens [booking agent, now retired, Santa Barbara CA]

I recently chaired a corporate function where David Osborne was the guest speaker. What an interesting evening we had. David spoke with great conviction on the Art of Communication and the Power of Persuasion. He showed how it is perfectly possible to do both by his example.

As a barrister he clearly has no problem in speaking in public and holding his audience. His speech was well structured and informative and his sense of humour held his audience completely. Everyone present enjoyed his talk and I had a number of letters complimenting me on my choice of speaker.

I shall certainly be using him again for another group and have already recommended him to a number of people. Speakers of his ability are not easy to find.

I have no hesitation in recommending David Osborne as a speaker who will be much appreciated.

Nicholas Evelyn [Bridgwater Somerset]

David, a huge thank you for your tremendous contribution to our dinner on Friday. The quality shone through with every phrase and I am so grateful to you for joining us. It was great to have you there.

Andrew Maynard - Michelmores LLP, Exeter

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